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Video Preview for Nice Guy Episode 15
(translation mistakes are my own)

Jae-Hee: How dare you use my brother against me, you of all people?

Maru: I told you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help Eun-Gi return where she belongs.

Jae-Hee: If I give up everything, would you come back to me?

Maru: If you want it that desperately, I wouldn’t rule it out.

Min-Young: How much more do you want in exchange for biting Kang Maru back?

Jae-Hee: The police are outside, waiting to arrest you. Why don’t you surrender first?


Eun-Gi: What’s wrong with Han Jae-Hee? Is there something I should know about?

Maru: If you could remember me, all your memories may come back to you.

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Filming spoiler for this week


When will the spoilers for nice guy episode 15 will be available???

Probably today.

I know some of the fans are one step away from gnawing their arms off, so here’s a spoiler for this week. It’s not much, and it’s short on details, but it’s something.

Remember this place?

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Spoilers for episode 14


Someone saw the long preview for episode 14 on cable? satellite? (one of those perks available only to subscribers) and put up a recap on DC. Not having seen the preview yet, I’m only going by what she wrote in the recap, so apologies if it’s unclear.

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Long preview for episode 13


I know. It’s up. Shocking.

Recap below. But please, for the love of k-drama gods, KEEP THE SPOILER TAGS and DO NOT CLAIM THE SCREENCAPS AS YOURS! I’ve seen some people just blab about the preview on tumblr last week, and it was mighty annoying.

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Taeyeon singing Roly Poly

omg lol

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Tiffany’s 100Q 100A


16 year-old Stephanie Hwang’s pre-debut Q&A post
{} parentheses used for explanations and alternative translations.

Always smiling even when I don’t like it
Like an idiot ㅠ_ㅠ……..

 Story1# 신상명세
Story1# Personal Details

01. 이름ːstephanie hwang (스테파니횅~ㅋ)
01. Name: Stephanie Hwang (Stephanie Hweng~ㅋ

02. 생년월일/별자리ː1989.08.01/호랑이? ^^;;
02. Birthdate/Star sign: 1989 August 1st/Tiger? ^^;;

03. 혈액형ː오!!ㅋ
03. Blood type: O!! ㅋ

04. 키ː161 ㅡㅡ;;
04. Height: 161 ㅡㅡ;;

05. 가족관계ː아빠.언니.오빠.나!ㅋ
05. Family: Daddy, older sister, older brother, me! ㅋ

06. 종교ː기도교-*
06. Religion: Protestant -*

07. 별명 : 스파게티.스빠.황.step by step ㅡㅡ;;
07. Nicknames: Spaghetti, Seuppa, Hwang, step by step ㅡㅡ;;

08. 성격ː 솔직하다!* 좋으면좋고싫으면….싫어!!!!ㅋ
08. Personality: Honest! * If I like it, I like it but if I hate it…. I hate it!!!!!ㅋ

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